DGM, Only African National Meteorological Service Well Prepared to Face Pandemic, WMO

Rédigé le 25/06/2020

Rabat - The Directorate General of Meteorology (DGM) has been identified as the only African national meteorological service to have been well prepared to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic following a survey by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). This achievement was the fruit of the preparation and implementation by the DGM, since the declaration of the state of health emergency, of an activity continuity plan, said the Acting Director General of Meteorology Omar Chafki, during a webinar organized Tuesday by the African Union Commission and the WMO regional office for Africa, on "The Covid-19 pandemic and meteorological activities in Africa".

A press release from the DGM said that Chafki, Permanent Representative of Morocco to the WMO and member of its executive council, explained in this webinar that this plan focused on the establishment of a cell to monitor the crisis and a prevention and hygiene plan, the identification of critical activities to be carried out in all circumstances, the adoption of remote work with the exception of positions essential to the safety of people and property, and communication with all internal and external stakeholders. DGM's success in the management of this crisis was based on five essential factors: its committed and responsible staff, its quality management system implementing the culture of risk management, fully automated observation means, efficient and secure information systems and inclusive communication with all stakeholders, said the press release. Chafki highlighted how the DGM maintained all its meteorological services' production during this pandemic and ensured all of the Kingdom's commitments in terms of international exchange of meteorological data.