Salvadoran Expert Slams Systematic Misappropriation of Humanitarian Aid by Polisario and Algeria

Rédigé le 22/07/2020

Guatemala City - A Salvadoran expert in international relations has condemned the systematic embezzlement by the Polisario, with the complicity of Algeria, of humanitarian aid sent by the European Union to the populations held in the Tindouf camps. "Crimes against humanity linked to the systematic misappropriation of humanitarian aid, perpetrated by the Polisario front with the participation and complicity of the Algerian government, continue", Napoleón Campos pointed out in an analysis published Monday.

After the revelation by the report of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) of the misappropriation of humanitarian aid sent to the Tindouf camps in Algeria, several organizations such as the International Action for Peace and Development in the Great Lakes region, based in Geneva, and the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center, have confirmed the persistence of this misappropriation by the leaders of the separatists with the support of Algerian officials. "The products, which are generally packaged and labelled as 'non-marketable humanitarian aid', are then sold illegally, through international mafias that control illicit trafficking in the Sahel region," he said.

For the Salvadoran researcher, the embezzlement of humanitarian aid continues because the Polisario front and the Algerian army, which manage the Tindouf camps, report a greater number of inhabitants than the real number so as to receive greater assistance. The expert, who underlined the relevance of the Moroccan autonomy proposal for the settlement of this artificial conflict, stressed that "as the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean we must support, in the framework of the United Nations, this peaceful initiative".

The specialist in international relations called on the governments of the region to diplomatically support the Moroccan initiative to achieve a final solution to this regional dispute which has lasted too long. Commenting relations between the Kingdom and the countries of Central America, he noted that Morocco, which has just obtained the status of observer member within the Andean Community, thus consolidates its ties of friendship and cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean.